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Our Expert CrossFit Coaches

Shane Zunckel ( CrossFit Coach )



Shane began CrossFit in October 2012 and trained twice a week to get stronger for the triathlon. 6 months later, he quit triathlon in order to devote himself full time to CrossFit. He now coaches out of several well established CrossFit boxes.

When he's not coaching or competing, he's at uni, studying Sport and Exercise science, specialising in sports coaching and strength & conditioning. Shane has competed in 5 weightlifting competitions, placing 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, 6th and 2nd with his biggest comp total being 245kg at a bodyweight of 81 kgs. In 2017, Shane competed in the CrossFit Games in Winsconsin in the Team Division. 

The things Shane loves most about coaching is watching people transform, seeing them achieve things they never thought they could and seeing where people have come from and how far they end up going.