Our Expert CrossFit Coaches

Matthew McGrath ( CrossFit/Weightlifting Coach )


Matthew, from Dublin Ireland, began his sporting career playing Gaelic football and rugby. Having progressed in rugby to train at the provincial level with Leinster Rugby on the under-18 team, injuries sustained in the sport ended his pursuit of rugby. Having a passion for strength and conditioning work, exploring the fitness world he found the sport of CrossFit.

While undertaking his undergraduate degree in Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials in Trinity College Dublin, he started to train competitively for CrossFit. With a coaching vacancy in the CrossFit gym he trained in, he completed his Level 1 coaching course and began coaching at his local box while being a full-time student.

With his undergraduate degree now finished, Matthew has taken a year out to travel, gain coaching experience in Melbourne, and immerse himself in the world of fitness. Strength and conditioning is huge part of Matthew's lifestyle and he will continue to share his passion with those around him.