I’m currently in full scale Ironman training, which in a nutshell, has been life changing. Last year I completed my first Melbourne Ironman with a time of 10 hours 46 minutes, which I’m hoping to beat in 6 weeks time! I didn’t have a coach first time round, so it was an interesting experience. The preparation for Ironman New Zealand 2016 has pushed me beyond what I thought I was both physically and mentally capable of. It has been an obsession, a slow and steady torture; and the most incredible journey of my life.

Being able to train at CrossFit Balaclava has been a fantastic addition to my training. It’s helped build my core strength, flexibility and increase my pain tolerance (ha!) The instructors have helped me to become more aware of dynamic movement, correct posture and alignment – so that I’m more aware of which muscles are firing at the right times. Training at CFB has also helped me to stay sane – by having fun, as well as making some crazy, wonderful new friends!


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced CrossFitter, we can help you become the healthiest, fittest and strongest version of yourself.